How have you sinned? Steve Angello is asking fans through a series of dark tweets sourcing the Seven Deadly Sins.

It’s all in promotion of his new project, and specifically Act II – Inferno of his three-part series. The second installment of his upcoming album Almost Human features songs “Freedom” ft. Pusha T and “I Know.”

Angello’s darker, more artful perspective on his music has come from a self-proclaimed “spiritual awakening.” As for how the former Swedish House Mafia member views his own struggles with sin, he admits, “We all sin. There have been times in my life when I have been too proud, when I could have been more humble. I strive for humility.”

As we await the final chapter to complete Almost Human, Angello’s dark, cryptic tweets have fans soul searching.

Unfortunately, there is no telling when Act lll – Paradiso will drop. The producer simply says, “Stay tuned.”

Steve Angello – 7 Deadly Sins


Photo via RUDGR