Party drugs have been found with traces of a deadly substance, according to rogue pill testing at an unnamed Victorian music festival…

More than 300 festival goers had their pills checked out at the illegal testing station, and some of the pills were found to be laced with para-Methoxyamphetamine aka “Dr Death.” The powerful hallucinogen NBOMe was also found in later tests of the dangerous drug cocktails.

According to a report from Australia’s Herald Sun, the substance (NBOMe) has been linked to three deaths and 20 hospital cases in a recent outbreak of overdoses along the party strip known as Chapel Street in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

99 percent of those who tested their drugs ditched any with traces of “unknown substances.”

Dr. Stephen Bright of Edith Cowan University, who headed the secret testing, started up the initiative after finding ecstasy that contained PMA.

“We went to the organisers and explained what had happened,” Dr. Bright said. “They didn’t want to see anybody die at the festival and gave us permission to set up a testing station out the back of a tent.”


Source: Herald Sun