The iPhone X is totally a bust… if you drop it!

While most spectacled that the new design, the Face ID, and/or the high price tag would be Apple’s iPhone X’s greatest fault — this was before anyone ever dropped the thing.

To anyone who has purchased the iPhone X, or is waiting for a shipment, first things first: put on a tempered glass screen and case up. A recent drop test has concluded that the iPhone X is “the most breakable phone.” Don’t try your luck, just get some protection.

Ars Technica did the drop test so you don’t have to. Different drop and durability tests proved to result in immediate damage to the smartphone. CNET also ran a drop test from a height of just three feet, in which the glass corner of the iPhone X cracked upon the very first drop. Although mainly cosmetic damage, no one likes walking around with a busted screen.

A more extreme drop test from SquareTrade showed how drops can result in loss of functionality within the iPhone X (see below), giving the iPhone X a breakability score of 90. SquareTrade dubs the device “the most breakable, highest priced, most expensive to repair iPhone, ever.”

Only adding to concerns, the iPhone X’s cutting edge OLED screen is more expensive to replace. Shocking. If you’re planning on using the $999 cell phone then get insurance, and use protection.

iPhone X Breakability

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