Eric Prydz is a producer that wears many hats… he’s known for his techno, house, and progressive productions, and for working under various aliases including Pryda, Cirez D and more. Now, one of his most beloved stage names is finally putting out an EP!

Although Prydz has been working under the name Tonja Holma for over a decade, the project has never gotten an official release until now. He first tipped us off about an official release for his most mysterious moniker back in May, but it was unclear at that point whether it was just a single or more. The news of an EP is coming as a sudden, but well received shock to fans.

Tonja Holma have been peppered into his sets here and there for years. During the producer’s EPIC 5.0 debut this summer, he couldn’t resist spinning in a Tonja Holma track, which suggests the project has always remained close to his heart. As Prydz embarks on a new Tonja Holma era, tracks like “Spanish Delight” and “Trippleton” that premiered on his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mixes may finally come to fruition.

Tonja Holma EP is expected on Monday, November 13 via his own Pryda Presents.

Tonja Holma EP Coming Soon

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