Skrillex proves once again he can do anything, with his simply breathtaking take on R&B!

The OWSLA founder lends his production skills for NSTASIA‘s extra chill and extra smooth single “Parachute” — and it’s a true must listen for any fan, or for those who simply appreciate fine music. The very same, strikingly cool presence that exists with “Favor,” also with NSTASIA and Vindata, is alive and well with “Parachute.”

Skrillex lays down a conservative, yet otherworldly beat that creates a sense of wonder as NSTASIA takes the reigns on the fluttery vocals:

Oh dear parachute, parachute
So high up, don’t know when I’m coming down
Oh dear parachute, parachute
Make sure you land me safely on the ground

Those waiting for some bass heavy, wub wubs from Skrillex will just have to keep waiting…

Parachute (feat. Skrillex) – NSTASIA


Photo via Watchara