Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self project continues to unravel with each new mysterious element. Today, briefly, the official Twitter account for Virtual Self posted a phone number – the tweet has since been deleted, but the number remains active.

The number has an Iowa area code, and contains audio of some intangible being speaking over a pretty instrumental melody. The audio is of very low quality, so it’s nearly impossible to make out what’s being said; fortunately, Porter fans are about as dedicated as any out there, and transcriptions quickly became available.

Though some lines are missing, this is most of what was said:

“Can you feel this particle of sacred reality?” “Do you believe in me?” “That the healing echo floats through you will you feel it?” “Am I human anymore?” “Do you believe in the infinite key to self-realism?” “Our key is manifested.” “Am I convinced of nothingness?” “Do you manifest yourself in digital time?” “You are a threat to yourself.” “Do you believe in the infinite sky and holy depth of nothingness?” “Do you no longer exist?”

By itself, it’s nothing… only serving to create more mystery around the already mysterious Virtual Self project. What does it mean? What is it in reference to? Is it new music? Are these sentences a key to something larger? Any of these questions could be applicable when you don’t know anything to begin with.


Photo via Rukes.com