Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS is gearing up for a new release soon based on a teaser uploaded to Instagram today. The video presents an instrumental with clear Eastern/Indian vibes, though it lasts a mere 14 seconds.

What has most fans interested is the text in the center of the video, which according to commenters is Hindi for “sapera,” meaning “charmer” – many believe this to mean some sort of connection to DJ Snake, as snakes are stereotypically ‘charmed’ in the Indian subcontinent. Others take the Hindi to point to a popular Indian artist, perhaps KSHMR – however this is unlikely as KSHMR’s label Dharma Worldwide is distributed by Spinnin Records.

UPDATE: DJ Snake was quick to put down rumors of the collaboration in response to us on Twitter.

Others still commented the name Blinders, a Polish artist who has previously released on Protocol Recordings. The connection here is a little less obvious, and we haven’t found one yet.

Still another interesting detail to point out is that the Hindi word for “sapera” looks very much like the English word “hurt” – no word yet on whether this actually has any significance, pointing to a track name or otherwise, but it seems like something to keep in mind nonetheless.

There’s no release date or track title attached to the teaser, so we’ll have to wait and see what comes of it.



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