Illenium has quickly become one of dance music’s favorite producers. With two successful albums under his belt and a diehard dedicated fan base, as well as a nationwide tour about to begin, it seems that his only way is up.

And yet, whenever we cover Illenium, one of the Facebook comments is inevitably, “I don’t understand why people like him so much.” Well, first of all, sir, people are allowed to like different things! So sit down. But really, why do people like him?

A lot of it has to do with his melodic sound structure, building on a foundation that Seven Lions, Mutrix, Skrux and others helped establish years ago in the golden age of melodic dubstep. Part of it has to do with his crossover appeal with the Porter Robinson crowd, as many of his sets vary between epically melodic and downright demonic.

But when considering his productions, they’re beautiful, yeah, but they’re also rather simple – not that it makes them any less amazing. And if you needed any proof of that, parody YouTube channel¬†Composerily¬†has just put out a “How To Write Like Illenium” video that is scarily accurate. As he says in the video (not verbatim), “Add some of this, twist these knobs, four chords, and there you have it.”

Don’t believe us? Watch it for yourself below.


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