Whatever your opinion of Marshmello’s music, his music videos are always entertaining. Whether it’s becoming popular in “Alone” or DJing a college party in “Find Me,” he always ends up having a good time.

He’s just dropped a new music video for one of his latest singles, “You & Me,” and for the first time, Mello provides a call back to one of his earlier track’s artworks. Remember the Ms. Mello from the cover of “Love U“? While it’s not an exact match, we have to assume that the young, female Mello in the video for “You & Me,” whom the main character makes a primary love interest, is one and the same.

Marshmello chases after her across a dense carnival, facing his fears along the way, which also somehow includes Merry-Go-Rounds in a comical moment. Eventually, he does find the girl and they share a ferris wheel ride together, along with their stuffed teddy bears.

As the first animated music video from Marshmello, we’re definitely happy with the result. Check it out below!

Marshmello’s next single is with the infamous rap trio Migos – learn more about that here.