The Skrillex-produced “Top Of The World” by Kimbra came out earlier this year, and now the powerful single has an equally powerful music video to accompany it.

Kimbra takes center stage in the video, gyrating and dancing as if in some ritualistic dance, commanding attention and creating an absolutely hypnotic atmosphere from which you’re unable to look away. Like Skrillex’s productions for Fifth Harmony, NSTASIA, Sirah, and others this year so far, his usual solo sound isn’t present, though his electronic influence is still very much recognizable.

Primal Heart comes out on January 19th. Listen to “Top Of The World” above, and check out the Primal Heart tracklist below.

1. “The Good War”
2. “Top of the World”
3. “Everybody Knows”
4. “Like They Do On the TV”
5. “Recovery”
6. “Human”
7. “Lightyears”
8. “Black Sky”
9. “Past Love”
10. “Right Direction”
11. “Version of Me”
12. “Real Life”