Android‘s Google Assist has finally caught up with Apple‘s Siri (which partners with Shazam) in that it can identify music tracks!

The flagship Pixel smartphone already utilizes the built-in voice assistant software feature, but Google plans to roll out to all U.S. Android devices soon. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL also have the capability to passively listen to music that is playing and identify it on screen, limited to popular tracks.

With the new Google Assist feature rollout, users can simply ask “What song is this?” or “What song is playing?”

Those phrases will trigger Assist to automatically open and search for song info without ever opening Shazam. According to The Verge, an informational “card” will pull up with the name of the song, artist, lyrics, YouTube video, Google Play Music, and Spotify streaming links.

This sounds easy and addictive, and will certainly make identifying music a lot easier!

Google Assistant Song Recognition


Source: The Verge