The internet is freaking out over this photo. We wouldn’t go as far to say it’s as impactful as “the dress” but it’s definitely something worth seeing.

At first glance of the photo above it’s easy to see a pumped up crowd raging out at a music festival’s mainstage, but when you do a double take, in reality its just a field of cotton. Twitter user @TOMCORMACKK brought attention to this photo throughout a simple tweet that went viral. So far, it’s racked up nearly 50,000 retweets and liked over 115,000 times.

“This looks like a mad sesh till you find out it’s a combine harvester in a cotton field,” he wrote in the tweet.

The impressions and engagements add up to so much more. This could be one of the best memes of our time, playing out before our very eyes…

Reactions were on point, because let’s be real — that’s mainly what Twitter is good for!

Photo via Twitter/@TOMCORMACKK