It’s been over a decade, but Eric Prydz has finally released music under his most mysterious alias Tonja Holma.

The four-track EP has instantly fulfilled fans waiting years for tracks like “Spanish Delight” and “Trippleton,” while completely wowing fans who were never even aware of this iconic project that dates back to 2007.

Tonja Holma EP explores the more ambient sounds of the masterful producer to the fullest potential for the very first time. Eric Prydz caters to a whole new audience, pulling in funkier vibes along the way, while still remaining true to his own sound. He trades in epic for minimalistic, but creates an impactful work of art in the process.

This release continues Prydz diverse exploration of the house music spectrum and introduces us to another production perspective from one of contemporary electronic music’s most singular producers.

Tonja Holma EP is out now via the producer’s own Pryda Presents — and it’s an absolute must listen for fans of the legendary artist!

Tonja Holma EP

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