As a remixer, he has had some astronomical plays on some of his edits – and now producer and DJ Nick Talos is putting a focus on creating original material. He speaks to us about his latest single ‘Glass House,’ and how the track was made.

Hey Nick! Thanks for speaking to us; it’s awesome to have you! Can you tell us a bit about your journey in music to where you are right now?

I moved to Berlin 4 years ago and started writing and producing music. I played the piano for a long time but never really got into production before that. I started putting out my music in 2015 via blogs which helped me steadily grow a strong fan community. I also got the attention of major labels which resulted in some great remix opportunities such as The Script, Fergie and many more. I signed with Universal Music in summer 2017, where I’ll be releasing my original music from now on.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned along the way? If you could give your younger self, starting out, any advice – what would it be?

Basically everything you want to achieve is possible. It’s all about being consistent and never stop working. The most important thing is patience, though. You can’t control the time. You just need to focus and always work on your goals. At some point you will get there. It’s important to know that everybody can achieve their goals. The main problem is that many people are simply giving up too early.

When you were younger, what artists inspired you? Do you still have similar tastes now?

I got into producing my own music watching Avicii being in the studio with Future Music Magazine. He is still one of my biggest inspirations. He always focused more on the music, rather than crazy sound designing or extraordinary productions. He understood from day one that harmonies and melodies are the key to connecting with people’s emotions. Same as Calvin Harris  – who is one of the people I look up to the most.

You’ve done some wicked remixes in the last year or so. Do you have a favourite out of them all? Which one gets requested the most?

I guess my favourite remix is the one for The Script. It’s really radio friendly but kills the club at the same time.

‘Glass House’ is out now and has been on our speakers all week. What was special about making this single?

Thanks so much for the love, guys! I’m really proud of this record. It is my first ever original single so it’s kinda the start of something new. The song has a lot of emotions in it. That’s what makes ‘Glass House’ so special to me. Moreover, it was a pleasure to have had the chance to work with such a great artist like BullySongs. I think his voice is outstanding and he is one of UK’s most talented songwriters. He already wrote big hits like ‘No Money’ by Galantis.

The tune was made during the summer? What are some of your best memories of that time?

This summer was really all about making music. I worked on a lot of songs during that time. It’s such a different feeling working on music during the summer, especially in cities like Berlin where it gets super cold in the winter.

Would you want to work with BullySongs again in the future?

For sure! I’ll be working with him on songs in the future, keep an eye on him. Like I said, he really is one of the UK’s most talented songwriters at the moment.

Now that we’re about to head in to 2018, what do you have lined up for us next year?

I have some songs that I love a lot and hope I can release them soon. I also can’t wait to get back on stage next year. I didn’t tour a lot this year because I was almost always working on music. I guess one of my dreams is to play the Lollapalooza Festival here in Berlin because it’s my hometown.