Whenever someone makes a “comeback” they are under close inspection from the public eye — and Selena Gomez fell victim to some criticism that she may have lip synced her performance at the American Music Awards alongside Marshmello.

It’s easy to point fingers when a performance sounds a little too good, or even too perfect. But the reality is sometimes the mixdown for awards shows can sound much different live in the venue, versus what fans end up hearing over television.

Amidst buzz surrounding the “Wolves” performance and Selena’s speculated lip syncing, Marshmello has stepped up to give his opinion on the matter:

“I honestly couldn’t be any more happy while watching [Selena Gomez] deliver that performance. Her talent is unreal, blessed to call her my friend.”

While it’s not a definitely admission or denial of lip syncing, he’s at least happy with how it went down. You can read more about our own analysis of the video and of lip syncing in general here.

Marshmello Talks “Wolves” Performance


Photo via Rukes.com