Your EDM introduced Finnish electronic artist Josu Mämmi to the wider EDM world last month with a premiere of his dual single, “Organized Planning/Priviledge of Analyzing.” The once-and-again bossa nova-tinged producer seemed to be making a transition to a more dancefloor-driven style. Now with his new EP Planning For Sale due out on December 6th, it seems at least one track is continuing that trajectory.

“My Plans Are Sound,” the second track off the Planning the Sale EP, sees Mämmi continuing the minimal slant he started with “Organized Planning” and “Priviledge of Analyzing,” but with more of a house groove than the techno on those two tracks. The funky guitar sample which drives the melody especially adds to the funky house feel, and it may remind some listeners of early Daft Punk. The synths and phrase transitions, however, are a little more techno-driven. The marriage of the two styles creates a sort meditative feel which would be perfect for a sunrise set at a festival.

With “My Plans Are Sound” clearly an EDM-driven track, the others on Planning the Sale are comparatively not as dancefloor-driven. Both the EP’s title track and its closer, “The Imaginative Faculty,” still have a jazz or funk element, so that ties in with the EP as a whole. “Planning for Sale,” however, is structured as and plays more like a pop song while “The Imaginative Faculty” has more to the ’80s experimental synth work that was seen on “Organized Planning/Priviledege of Analyzing.”

At this point it’s anyone’s guess where Josu Mämmi will go stylistically based on Planning the Sale and last month’s release, and of course there’s also the question thematically about where he’s going with all the tracks having to do with “planning” or organization or analysis. The artist himself hasn’t made any statements on it, but all of these tracks released recently are definitely well-composed and organized and Mämmi is definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming year both for EDM and more experimental forms of electronica.

The Planning the Sale EP will be out on December 6th and can be pre-ordered by clicking here. Also check out the video for the EP’s title track below.