I’m willing to bet that most kids that have started listening to dubstep in the past 3-4 years have no idea who KillSonik is… and aside from lack of interest in dubstep history, we’d forgive you. It’s been four years since KillSonik, formerly known as Chasing Shadows, has released music. We’re not sure whether this track is a one-off or signifying a more tangible comeback, but we’re happy with what we’ve been given.

“Never Dream Of Dying” is a return to an older style of dubstep that many fans of UKF will be intimately familiar with. It’s orchestral, anthemic, slow, wobbles in all the right places… at 7 minutes long, it’s an absolute journey. From the breaks to the interludes and every hit of that kick drum, it’s like a trip back in time.

Check out “Never Dream Of Dying” below.