Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway‘s massive track “Wizard” just turned 4 years old!

While you let that sink in for a moment also keep in mind he was just 17 years old when the track was released. The superstar DJ/producer was already a hitmaker though, as “Wizard” came as a followup to his massive breakout hit “Animals” from the same year.

Flash foward to now and Garrix is a two-time #1 DJ award winner via DJ Mag, with tons of successful productions and collaborations under his belt, and arguably the most in-demand name when it comes to booking the largest EDM festivals in the world.

Recent tracks like “Pizza,” “So Far Away” with David Guetta, and “Glad You Came” as his alias AREA21 are all sure signs Garrix isn’t going anywhere.

Now at age 21, Martin Garrix is a true “Wizard” of his craft — but he always has been.

Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway – Wizard

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