Armin van Buuren, the 5x World’s #1 DJ, will provide unprecedented insight into dance music with his first ever online course via MasterClass!

From spinning with vinyl in small clubs, to headlining the biggest music festivals in the world, Armin has become a legend in the scene with a career that has spanned decades. Despite his massive success, he’s remained humble, hardworking and as you can see from the trailer below, has an infectious enthusiasm for the genre — and now for teaching others the craft.

Aspiring producers will learn his pillars for becoming a world-class DJ — production, performance, and promotion. The class dives into the more technical aspects of producing, including mixing, arranging, and building dance-worthy drops.

As one of the most influential producers in global dance music, there’s really no better master to learn from than Armin. CEO and Co-Founder of MasterClass David Rogier explains, “There really is an art and science to making people dance — it has to do with sculpting sound, mixing, and arranging songs for maximum impact — that’s Armin’s mastery, and he’s certainly one of the best to ever do it.”

Enrollment in the class is $90, or $180 per year for unlimited access to all new and existing MasterClasses with the All-Access Pass. Pre-enroll here.

“Nowadays, to be a successful artist and DJ, it’s not enough to just know how to spin records. If you want to stand out, you need to make your own records, write music, and make remixes and mashups for your DJ sets. I’m truly excited to share my passion for producing music and DJing in my MasterClass. It’s the first time I get to show you my secrets and tips, and everything I’ve learned in my twenty years in this business.” – Armin van Buuren, MasterClass instructor

Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music

In this online class, you’ll learn:
Recording in Logic Pro and Ableton
Turning musical ideas into compositions
Working with vocalists
Building a massive drop
Preparing music for a DJ set
Making track edits and mashups
How to read a crowd
How to connect with fans on social media


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