Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, Coinbase… what is it? Is it some ephemeral currency that’s here one day and gone the next? Is it the solution to all the world’s problems? Is it just something that your friends love talking about on Facebook?

The answer to those questions and more are right at your fingertips with the worldwide web, but diving into that much information this late in the game can seem a bit daunting. And investing without research can lead to some very avoidable mistakes, though not irreversible ones. Thankfully, 3LAU has your back.

Yep, 3LAU.

He’s just published his own beginners guide to crypto, and it focuses on 5 common misconceptions surrounding popular digital currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. He’s sure to point out right at the start that the information he gives is simply his personal experience and opinions, and that it should not be taken strictly as investment advice, but a little extra knowledge never hurt anyone – especially the people who are eager to learn about the craziness that is cryptocurrency.

Get his beginners guide here


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