The world rejoiced when Nile Rodgers first revealed to us that he had successfully beaten prostate cancer after an arduous three year fight. Unfortunately, unknown to most until earlier today, the legendary musician actually suffered another bout with the illness as recently as November.

Speaking to BBC, Rodgers revealed that earlier in the year he had dealt with a bout of E. Coli while on tour with Earth, Wind & Fire. During a visit to the hotel he then discovered a “mysterious growth” on his right kidney which doctors diagnosed as “two different cancers within one mass.” Yikes.

In any case, Rodgers acted quickly and had the carcinogenic mass removed in Rochester on November 3rd following a show in Brooklyn the night before. The prognosis is “100% recovery” and Nile Rodgers assures us that he’s now fully done with cancer.

Check out his revealing blog post here for more details in his own words.


H/T: BBC | Featured Image: Josh Brasted