Virtual Self will present its debut live show this Friday, December 8, in Brooklyn, and fans are chomping at the bit for any more information relevant to the show or the mysterious project itself. (Notice the use of “its” rather than his – it’s difficult to think of Virtual Self as even a person.)

In a tweet today, fans were sent into a frenzy when Virtual Self hinted at the possibility of a live stream for the event. In a series of photos representing a new landing page, the words “Access: Virtual Self Live System” can be read. The other images have the words “awakening” and “complete” partially obscured.

Porter’s “Worlds” sets have never been live streamed.

Each image also makes reference to a “code phrase” and “access URL,” perhaps meaning that this live stream will not be available to everyone, or will only be available to those with the proper knowledge of how to enter.

As with most things concerning Porter Robinson, or now, Virtual Self, we’ll find out when we find out. Until then, keep your fingers crossed.


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