The three piece outfit Savoy have continually pushed the realms of electronic music with their pursuit to incorporate live instrumentation, indie band sensibility and production prowess for one powerhouse project that can’t stop innovating. From taking on an assortment of genres such as dubstep and future bass to indie melodic, the trio have always held a unique and recognizable sound while never pigeonholing their creativity. This time teaming with Laura Reed for a dark and haunting indie-ballad, their latest single “Up All Night” is just the latest release in their long arsenal of eclectic hits.

Combining 80’s-esque stylings with Reed’s creeping vocals, you feel thrown into a post-future dystopia as Savoy sets a chill but evocative single. Rather than focusing on a “big drop” as many EDM style acts so often do, Savoy instead takes a much more live approach with a rhythmic chorus that will instantly give you nostalgia for the old Nero style that could fit right in any cinematic masterpiece. Just the latest in what is sure to be a plethora of many more innovative hits, ┬ámake sure to check out “Up All Night” below and to snag the free download while you can!