Yesterday, we wrote that Marshmello was forced to cancel a show in Nepal due to high fever and at the recommendation of his doctor. While we expected fans to be sad and dismayed, there was no inkling in our mind that they would turn around and react in the way that they did.

As you can see in the video below, attendees are absolutely trashing Club Deja Vu – breaking tables, throwing materials into the bar area, screaming, causing mayhem, and enjoying general lawlessness and anarchy. Never before have we seen such a ludicrous response to a show being cancelled as this. According to sources, the chaos started after club promoters came out around 2:30am and informed the crowd that Marshmello wouldn’t be appearing.

However, the story gets stranger.

Apparently, the club also oversold tickets to the event, leading to the arrest of eight club operators. The club can only carry 3,500 people and nearly double that ended up being sold.

According to police, the arrested are: Jayan Shrestha, Mayank Khadka, Bishal Dangi, Milan Dangi, Prithu Banskota, Rajeev Maharjan, Akash Neupane and Ritesh Marwadi.

The remaining owners haven’t filed a police report about the incident, according to local news sources.


via Online Khabar