The one and only Kanye West, famed talent manager Scooter Braun, fashion designer Virgil Abloh and electronic music’s most in-demand producer Skrillex all got together recently and the photo below is a story in itself.

“Some moments you don’t forget. Inspired.” Scooter shared on Instagram, with a nod to Skirllex who took the photo, “because life is awesome.”

Also pictured below are the “Rolexes” of shoe design — Kanye West’s YEEZYs and Off-White’s Nike collab. Some speculate the “shoe-fie” below reveals the first 700 V2 or the all-new 600 model. The shoe certainly knows its good side, pictured with a 700 white, grey and taupe hues.

Are we looking at a new design in the works? And where does Skrillex come into play? Who really knows when it’s Kanye West we’re talking. One thing is for sure, this is going to be a collaboration to pay attention to.

Skrillex Takes Photo For Kanye West

@virgilabloh “rolexes”

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Photo by Jas Davis