In this Netflix original video, Chelsea Handler (former host of Chelsea Lately) sits down with Diplo for a cheeky interview to talk all things about his music career. From how he first got started, to the origin of his name, What Would Diplo Do?, doing drugs, his lack of personal life, and more.

Then, they get to the good stuff. In the same studio that greats like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Marvin Gaye recorded some of their best hits, Diplo and Chelsea sat down to make a track together entitled “Feeling Real Crunk” for the album Does Diplo Do Drugs?.

As Diplo lays down the beat, Chelsea hilariously attempts to offer the vocals. It goes about as smoothly as you can imagine, even with autotune. With lyrics like, “I like this music! I’m feeling real crunk!” — let’s just say, Chelsea should stick to interviewing.

“It is a harmony, but you’re not very harmonic,” Diplo admits.

Watch as a new producer duo emerges between Diplo and Chelsea below!

Chelsea Handler Records A Song with Diplo