The Phase 1 lineup for Ultra Music Festival’s 20th anniversary dropped yesterday, featuring a wide range of new names and a lot of stellar headliners (despite many of them having played just last year).

One name that was on the official lineup poster was Carnage, listed under the ‘Support’ section, but it turns out there’s a bigger story to that placement. As Carnage revealed in an Instagram Live session, and later again on his Instagram story, he was originally going to do two sets at Ultra: one as Carnage, and one on the live stage as his “30 Rack” alias.

Ultimately, Carnage decided to hold off on the 30 Rack set and claims that Ultra was being “petty” and so took him out of the headliners position.

“And then I was told that I would be billed as support, then they put out they flyer without approving with my team… lol the fuck?”

Carnage says he still loves Ultra, but clearly the whole ordeal has left a bad taste in his mouth.


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