As the year winds to a close, many artists are looking to get their last word in, so to speak. Lido, even though his debut album was released last year, has still had a stellar 2017, appearing at a multitude of music festivals, producing new songs for himself and others, and just otherwise living the life. To round things off, he’s just dropped this new remix of Peking Duk & Icona Pop’s “Let You Down.”

Lido’s telltale chords play innocently within the first 10 seconds, letting you know right off the bat that this is a true Lido song. And in true Lido fashion, the drop is light and breezy. Icona Pop’s vocals in particular in the remix make us yearn for a true collaboration between the two, as it seems like a genuine match made in heaven.

Check out the remix below and let Lido carry you into 2018 refreshed and anew.


Photo via aLive Coverage