The lawsuit against SkrillexBloodPop, and the other creative minds behind Justin Bieber‘s 2015 single “Sorry” has officially been dropped.

Portland musician Casey Dienel, known as White Hinterland, originally claimed that the producers ripped off female vocals directly from her 2014 single “Ring The Bell.” Soon after the case was filed, Skrillex took to Twitter to break down exactly how he came up with the vocal riff that made “Sorry” such a catchy hit.

“SORRY but we didnt steal this,” Skrillex tweeted out along with a quick lesson on working with semi-tones in Ableton.

The suit also alleged that “Sorry” copied “Ring The Bell” in terms of “keyboard synthesizers, samples, synth bass, drums, and percussion.” Casey Dienel was seeking monetary damages and asked that Bieber stop performing one of the most listened to tracks of all time.

Whether or not this is a case of infringement will remain somewhat of a mystery, as TMZ reports paperwork has now been filed to dismiss the lawsuit. It’s possible the artists settled outside of court.

White Hinterland – “Ring The Bell”

Justin Bieber – Sorry

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