New Zealand’s award winning NYE festival Rhythm and Vines will be giving breathalyzers to everyone getting in the driver’s seat upon leaving the event.

It’s an effort being put in place to ensure people party more safely into the new year. The massive music festival is the highlight of the summer for its attendees, and police are looking out to make sure the experience runs smoothly.

Senior Sergeant Ross Smith shares his thoughts on the new rule:

“We want everyone to enjoy their time at the festival but we urge party goers to look out for themselves and their mates.”

“Drink in moderation and make smart decisions about how you’re going to get to and from venues.”

According to a report, a “very large liquor ban” will also be enforced around the Rhythm and Vines event site this year. Anyone in violation will be fined $250.

Aside from staying sober, it has recommended drivers also plan ahead, allow extra travel time, get plenty of rest, and share driving time between friends during the commute. Traffic is expected to be heavy, so plan accordingly.

More info via Rhythm and Vines here.


Source: NZ Herald | Photo via Rhythm and Vines