With each and every release, Illenium never ceases to amaze us — and this new 3-pack of Awake piano covers is no exception!

This ballad-driven EP is a nice change up from the usual bangers that come out to play on new music Friday. From electronic-infused future bass into stripped down instrumental masterpieces, three different pianists shape a whole new appreciation for “Beautiful Creatures,” “Fractures,” and “Crawl Outta Love” with each and every note. Julien MarchalLorcan Rooney and Lambert all share their own unique artistic visions, making for three entirely different but equally stunning piano ballads.

Track-by-track, Awake carries the weight of raw, human interactions and real life experiences. Speaking to his work, Illenium recently revealed to Your EDM:

A lot of different emotions went into Awake. I think one of the themes from the album is being open and accepting of the full range of emotions a person can experience. A lot of people are so focused on numbing the negative that they shut out the positive too. It’s okay to feel hurt, it’s okay to feel sad. That’s what makes us human and allows us to experience happiness. This album is kind of a reflection of that — being awake and feeling it all instead of going to sleep and feeling nothing.

Listen as Awake comes to life in ways you’ve never heard before!

Awake (Piano Covers)


Photo via Rukes.com