deadmau5 was trolled hard by a fan during his recent live stream as his Twitch following submitted tracks to be critiqued for charity. For over 3 hours, the legendary producer gave his two cents on various work — but when he came across one particular song, hilarity ensued.

As an unsuspecting deadmau5 opened the very last submission of the night from freestyle88, dubbed “the greatest track of all time,” a familiar intro flooded into his home studio. It was “Faxing Berlin.” Knowing that he had been duped, he proceeded to tear apart his own work. deadmau5 is a tough critic, especially when it comes to his own productions.

“This is my track! It’s not the greatest track of all time!” he laughed.

As for his critiques, there were plenty:

“First of all, there is no clarity in the mid-low.”
“And what’s with that f*cking cowbell?”
“Like, that cowbell through the whole f*cking track?”
“Actually, the only think I like about this track is the melody.”
“The mix is terrible.”

Some fans are now asking for a remastered version of the classic, while others on Reddit think the melody would be best utilized in an entirely new track. Here’s what deadmau5 really thinks about “Faxing Berlin” …

deadmau5 Roasts “Faxing Berlin”

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