Major Lazer is back at it with a surprise release — “Go Dung!”

The electronic group does what they do best in laying down a flavorful, dancehall anthem, drawing influences from the Caribbean with help from pop/soca groupĀ Kes. Island vibes are alive, as Major Lazer blends a mix of reggae and trap with a side of ratchet.

“Go Dung,” which means “go down” in Jamaican Patwah, begs for listeners to drop it low on the dance floor. Or, simply use their imagination for other ways to down, er dung.

There seems to be mixed reviews on the drop, which builds from a downward motion into an arrangement that ultimately lacks a certain luster. However, in terms of overall fun it’s hard to deny “Go Dung” has got it going on.

No matter which part of the world you’re listening from, Major Lazer guarantees a tropical feel with “Go Dung!” Listen right here!

Major Lazer – Go Dung (feat. Kes)


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