Tropkillaz, the Brazilian duo of DJ Zegon and Laudz, have released their first single of 2018 and it’s a laid back affair with R&B’s Aloe Blacc called “Milk & Honey.” The song premiered with a music video earlier this month that tells a story of what the song is all about.

The rags to riches song takes all the flavor of Brazilian music and combines it with a dance flair and Blacc’s resonant voice to create a wonderfully enjoyable anthem to live by.

“I think many people can identify with the song,” says Laudz – the younger 1/2 of Tropkillaz. “The song deals with hustling, a rags to riches mentality and improving your life – which is a priority for many, regardless of where they come from.”

Check out “Milk & Honey” below.