Artist albums have become a common goal in dance music in the past few years (after previously releasing majority EPs and singles/club mixes). The album boom has perhaps come as an advent of streaming and the popularity of Spotify, though more than ever, fans are asking for albums, too.

In a not-so-unexpected move, San Holo has become the latest to announce that he’s working on an album, his first. However, fans shouldn’t get too excited just yet as San admits he’s “not in a rush” about the whole thing.

Still, it is exciting that he also said it’s “time for a new sound,” which could mean that he’s already moving on from the wildly popular sounds of hits like “Light,” “One Thing,” and “I Still See Your Face.”

We’re likely to still get some other singles before the album roll out officially starts, so keep your eye on San Holo in 2018.


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