Apple’s brand new home speaker control system, the HomePod – think of it as their answer to the Amazon Echo or Google Home – just launched today and competitors Sonos greeted them with a fun little Spotify playlist Welcome to the Party Mix.

All of the song titles came together to spell out a warm little message to their new Apple competitors. “Hello Apple Something Abut Us Together Feels Right Even Though You’re Crazy For This Home POD Remember Two Is Better Than One Just Playing (Dreams) It’s A Party Everybody’s Coming To My House Even You Come As You Are Fruit Machine No Matter What You’re Told We’re Going To Be Friends Over Everything.”

Aww. In any case, there’s no native Siri support on the HomePod for Spotify anyway so they’ll just have to make do with Apple Music. Stream the full playlist below and learn more about the HomePod here. 


H/T: Apple InsiderFeatured Image: Fortune