Aside from their hit with Armin van Buuren, “Great Spirit,” Vini Vici have a whole host of other hits that might not be as well known to the general populus. “The Tribe,” however, thanks in part to Kayzo’s love of the track, is not one of those unknown treasures.

That being said, while we love some psytrance peppered into a set these days, we still crave that bass, and RIOT is here to quench that thirst. The Israeli darlings are back with their first track of 2018 to boldly make sure you know they’re still here and ready to drop bombs. They’ve completely reimagined the drops of “The Tribe” to still contain that energy from the vocals, but it’s a clearly more bombastic drop than the original.

While we still wait for the next RIOT originals – rumored to be coming out via Monstercat very soon – we’ll be getting down to this in the meantime. Check it out below.

Vini Vici – The Tribe (RIOT Remix)