EDIT: A spokesperson for 420 festival has since reached out and ensured “they are simply working to stay within the bounds of state compliance regulations.” The article has been updated to reflect this.

Denver’s 420 music festival has its full lineup out and is gearing up for what sounds to be an awesome event this April, but one vital piece of the puzzle is missing.

Considering 420 On The Block is described as “The Mile High Block Party” and goes down literally on 4/20 through 4/22 — one would think that smoking marijuana would be acceptable or even encouraged. It’s actually quite the opposite, as the the organizers are doing everything they can to keep weed out of the 420 fest.

“No public consumption of cannabis products allowed on festival grounds,” is written in large bold text on the festival’s website. The updated notice on the website reads, “Per Colorado law, public consumption is not legal.. but then again, neither is lighting up at any other venue across the country.”

Action BronsonMatisyahu, Break Science Live Band and Pretty Lights Movement Presents Michal Menert, SupervisionChris Karns, and more are all set to perform so it still sounds like a good time. If you can get past the whole not smoking weed on 4/20 thing.

420 On The Block is staying committed to compliance regulations so the event can continue to move forward in the future. Hopefully someday, with legal cannabis consumption.

Organizers are also working with My420Tours to provide shuttles to/from the venue/dispensaries in which consumption is legally permitted.

“The Mile High Block Party,” kicks off on 4/20 at Denver’s Fox Street Compound! More info and tickets here.