Apashe has always been one of bass music’s best hidden secrets. Since the days of his first releases on Kannibalen Records, he has been steadily dropping fire under the radar. Now, with his new Requiem EP, Apashe aims to break free of the underground and announce to the world, “Here I am! Witness my greatness.”

Perhaps I’m embellishing a bit, but when you hear the kind of music he’s putting out, that’s the kind of language that comes to mind. Embodying styles from classical composers in his productions, Requiem is a masterpiece if there ever was such a thing.

It’s vivacious and bombastic, terrifyingly interesting and impossible to listen to just once. Each track brings its own flavor and homage to classical styles, fusing live choir chanting, horns, strings, and more to create a rich and vibrant sound you won’t hear anywhere else.

Listen to the Requiem EP below, and scroll down to see some photos of how it was all recorded.