Dirty Audio recently blessed us with one of the most hype songs we’ve heard so far in 2018!

“Racks” has all the makings of a bass-driven trap anthem, but Dirty Audio takes his sound to another level with this one.┬áThe wubs are a little dirtier, the horns are a little deeper, the bass hits a little harder and the drop is a lot more insane than the average trap track. By the time you hear, “Hands up, motherfucker!” you’re completely at the mercy of Dirty Audio.

“Racks” brings the hype, which is exactly why we’re expecting to hear this one play out all through festival season. It’s one of those bangers that could end up in any DJs set — think Skrillex x Habstrakt’s “Chicken Soup” or Rickyxsan’s “Gettin’ That.”

If you want to bring some filth to your day, just press play on Dirty Audio’s “Racks!”

Dirty Audio – Racks

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