AWAY has quickly become one of our favorite producers, if not only for his inventive and unique production style, then for the obvious emotion that is imparted onto each and every one of his songs. Pairing such an intensely emotional producer with an intensely emotional song sounds like it would be a recipe for success, and it is. Today, AWAY teams up with Illenium to remix his song “Leaving” from his latest album Awake.

“Leaving” is already an incredible song, in no small part thanks to EDEN’s uncredited contributions on the vocals. Now with AWAY remixing both EDEN and Illenium on a single track, we’ve got a trifecta of musicians that one would only ever dream about.

AWAY takes a minimal approach to the remix pre-drop, utilizing few elements other than soft piano chords and glitched vocals. At the drop, we get some classic AWAY flavor with staccato synth stabs and heavily textured synths; this pattern of minimalism and glitch repeats in the bridge and second drop. Finally, AWAY adds a 60 second soft outro that reintroduces elements of the remix in a more understated fashion, letting melody and rhythm take the wheel.

This combination of musicianship and talent shouldn’t even be legal, let alone real, yet here we are. Listen to AWAY’s remix of Illenium below.