Imagine hibernating for the winter – the last thing you see is cold gusts of wind and sleet slamming against your windows. Suddenly, a soft ray of sunshine glances over your eyes and you slowly awaken to see bright blue skies, birds chirping, and kids playing in the local park. That’s the kind of feeling that Bronze Whale aims to get across in their new single, “Warm.”

It’s hard to make a track that evokes a “season,” but Bronze Whale has hit the nail on the head with “Warm.” The delicately distorted vocals and upbeat rhythm and glittering synths all work in tandem to create a vision of peace and vibrant warmth that eagerly envelops you… if only you’ll let it.

We know that a lot of the country is still facing cold weather right now, so hopefully this new single helps “Warm” you up a bit. Check it out below.