Lots of people doubted that Swedish House Mafia would return to Ultra Music Festival (including DJ and producer Henry Fong) and made silly bets as a result. For Twitter user @aaron_frame21, he pledged to get a tattoo if they reunited.

Well, they did, and so did he.

In the Twitter post two weeks later, he shared an image of the group’s three-dot logo on his right ankle.

We’re sure many more people lost similar bets, but they likely weren’t permanently branded for it.

Either way, props to Aaron, your dedication is commendable.

Swedish House Mafia made their grand return to Ultra Music Festival this past Sunday after a five-year hiatus and working on their individual projects. In the set, they are suspected to have debuted at least two new songs, though it might turn out that they belong to Steve Angello on his forthcoming album HUMAN. We’ll know for sure when that album comes out next month.


Photo via Liam Andes for Your EDM