Not too long ago, Heyz brought us his superb debut Schedule 1 EP via mau5trap and here he is with another single that shows off a much different side of his masterful productions.

What we’ve heard from Heyz so far thrives in the darkness. With this one, however, he offers up a touch of “Daylight” — a soft, progressive blend with an edge. Less is more when it comes to the distinct sound of Heyz, but he adds just enough to stand his own against DarkDark‘s unique energy. Together, they are a match made in house music heaven, serving up a must-hear collaboration.

Lush tones, rhythmic arpeggiation, and reverb for days, these are all sure indicators that Heyz is in the mix. Although there’s a lot at work as “Daylight” plays out, it sounds incredibly clean and provokes easy listening. Come to think of it, my favorite part about listening to Heyz’s music is that you don’t have to think at all — just listen.

Heyz recently opened up about his Schedule 1 EP and the same concept goes for his new single: For me, the ‘Schedule 1’ EP is all about putting forth a sound that naturally wanted to come out of me, music with beauty and power. I hope the result is something you can enjoy on a daily basis, as well as something that will light up a dance floor one moment, and induce that “hands in the air” euphoric feeling the next.

As this particular track progresses “Daylight” finds its way to break through the darkness, making for one of Heyz’s brightest releases to date. Listen right here and let the beauty and power of his sound take you away!

Heyz – Daylight featuring DarkDark

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