It’s about 50/50 whether your familiar with the name Yahtzel (which you should be). But how about Carmada? The once-OWSLA artist made big waves in 2014 and has been less active since, but the group was a duo made of Australian artists┬áL D R U & Yahtzel.

Now, Yahtzel is playing a massive party in Palm Springs during Coachella with friends like ODESZA (DJ Set), Jai Wolf and Chet Porter. (Can you say “perfect lineup”? Holy…)

dc palm springs odesza

In the interest of getting prepared, we hit up Yahtzel for a playlist of all things summer vibes and his current tracklist, and we were gifted this wonderful assortment of tracks.

Tickets for this show and the rest of the events during weekend 2 are available here.

Get inside my head with this playlist I’ve put together; I’ve included some of my favourite songs to listen to before and after my sets. – Yahtzel