The Chainsmokers just dropped a brand new music video for “Everybody Hates Me,” which shares a glimpse into some of their personal tribulations.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are full blown pop stars now, in case you haven’t noticed — but their fame has come at a cost. The globally renowned DJs seem to be struggling with having any sense of a normal life. Sure, it comes with the territory to an extent.

With songs like “Sick Boy, “You Owe Me,” and now “Everybody Hates Me,” The Chainsmokers are making it obvious they need some time to breathe. Ironically, they’re putting out some of their best work ever. If you look at the mainstream pop realm The Chainsmokers are holding their own and making a statement in doing so.

The creative mind of Rory Kramer brings the concept behind “Everybody Hates Me” to life in this thrilling music video. Everything is intentional — the lyrics, the mood, the references to drinking and drowning.

The Chainsmokers get a lot of love and a lot of hate, but they at least deserve credit for putting out music that’s true to them. They might walk into the club like everybody hates them, but we absolutely love this video. Watch “Everybody Hates Me” right here!

The Chainsmokers – Everybody Hates Me (Music Video)

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