“You so fucking precious when you smile…”

Even if you didn’t know the song (like me), you definitely saw the memes on Twitter. Still, this single from Bazzi created an absolute storm, and now Young Bombs is here to give it a more dance twist.

The drop is bright and hopeful, with large, reverberating piano chords that fill the room and draw you into the music. Bazzi’s vocals are kept pretty much intact; they’re so good that you wouldn’t want to anything to them anyway. A few vocal chops here and there with some newly arranged notes and augmented rhythm, and boom, you have a beautiful remix.

Of course, the process behind creating this remix was a bit more complicated than just that. Young Bombs describe, “To be completely transparent with you, we went through a bit of an emotional journey while creating this song. We at first fell in love with the direction we had chosen to take it down, including our older 80’s/90’s influences, but then upon nearing completion we felt a sudden change of heart. We wondered if we had strayed too far from the spark of the original that captivated millions of people around the world. That being said, we decided to stick to our vision and we are so happy we did. After spending a good amount of time apart from it and then circling back with fresh ears, we both feel that this is one of our best remixes to date.”

You can listen to the remix below!