Showing absolutely no signs of deceleration, Get Hype Records has announced the monumental debut Malux EP, featuring four club-trembling bangers thatʼs sure to rip through speakers everywhere. Each one of these wicked tunes varies in characteristics, but still highlights the centerfold talent of the exceptional producer he is.

“Neutron” almost immediately bangs off with an atmospheric barrage of energy. Before long the quick switch catches listenerʼs by surprise with absolute ferocity.

The mastermind himself dives headfirst into the downward spiral of his own creative prowess with accompanying tunes from the EP including “Fail Safe” which carefully calculates an eccentric cohesion of eclectic sound design and sinister drum processing, a recipe to absolutely shred any dance floor to pieces. Next, his exceptional “Glue Worm” highlights a disturbingly-good illustration of Maluxʼs full production capabilities, while still paying ode to the dance-heavy label itʼs presented on. Bang! Lastly but surely not least, “Watch Out” severs through like a freshly-sharpened blade, perfectly packaging up this freshly-cut future classic for drum and bass fans of 2018.

You can preorder the entire EP here: