Justin Bieber has been living it up at Coachella this weekend, not on the stage but off. But, last night during the festivities he apparently ended up in a fight. Don’t jump to conclusions though — it sounds like he did the right thing in this situation.

According the the source, an unnamed woman was grabbed by the throat by an angry ex-boyfriend type at a Coachella-related party and her abuser wouldn’t let go. That’s when Bieber stepped in, punched the guy in the face and threw him up against the wall.

Justin and his friend screamed at the man to get off her, but when that didn’t work he took matters into his own hands.

Inside sources at the party say the man who went crazy on the woman appeared to be on drugs. It was a targeted domestic dispute, as he seemed to be going directly for his ex-girlfriend.

After the fight went down, the man was thrown out. Later, he was spotted shouting Justin Bieber’s name and slamming on a vehicle. TMZ was told the police eventually came and arrested the man.

Yikes. Let’s hope the rest of Coachella goes a lot smother for everyone involved.


Source: TMZ