How many times can “Ghosts n’ Stuff” get remixed? As long as there are good remixes to be made!

The legendary deadmau5 tune has been remixed by everyone from Sub Focus to Nero, and years later, it’s still getting all the attention it deserves. The newest remix comes to us from mystery producer SYN, whose take on the original is exceedingly original in its own right.

Starting off with a vocal sample from deadmau5 himself, decrying the popularity of the track in just that particular deadmau5 way, the remix drops into that recognizable melody. After that, though, it morphs into a squelching, glitchy tangle of synths, bass and drums that is wildly anthemic and downright filthy all at the same time.

This remix is not for the faint of heart by any means – it’s not the beautiful composition that it started out as. If anything, it’s been infected by a virus that makes it more aggressive and prone to fits of uncontrollable bodily movements. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check it out below and grab your free download, as well.